Tuesday Tutorials - The Perfect Hair Curl

I've been so excited to share this tutorial!

This week, Jessica at Chromatique Salon in Bellevue is helping us elevate our hair curl game. I cannot believe these simple adjustments completely changed the way my hair looks! I've been sharing these tips with my friends as we get ready, and couldn't wait to share with everyone!

The biggest takeaways from this tutorial: Use a barrel curler with a 1-inch to 1 and a quarter inch barrel. When curling, leave the last couple inches of your ends out. Do not curl all the way down. That drastically changes the look of the curl for a softer, more natural look. Also- when curling "the other side" of your hair- ya know, that side that never curls the way you want it to- just make sure you have your thumb forward and clamp forward, then roll away from your face! Curl game changed forever.

It's always better to see it than read it, so watch below and hopefully it works as well for you as it has for me!