INTERVIEW: Zaytoven Talks Tour, Album, and His New Movie!

Zaytoven has been a top hip-hop producer for years. His work with Usher earned him a Grammy in 2011 and he shows no signs of slowing down. 

He's currently on tour, he just put out a documentary, his album Trap Holizay drops May 25th, his movie Birds of a Feather2 is about to come out and he'll be at Q Nightclub this Saturday night!

How does he feel about the new wave of DJs and producers? What's it like working with Gucci Mane while he's in prison? What are his thoughts on Russ' controversial opinions on producers in hip-hop? And who made that iconic Zaytoven drop? Zay discusses:

Tour, Album, and State of Producing and DJing with Zaytoven- Kat on POWER 93.3