The most important person to impress is...

At the start of 2020 (PRE-Pandemic!) I wrote a piece for Linked in on "20 things to try for 2020 to be a better you for you". I re-read it today and thought "Man! I NEED to do these things!". So I'm sharing with you my dear friend, perhaps maybe you'll try out the list. Maybe just pick one or two things. But when it all comes down to it: Who are you REALLY trying to impress? Start with: YOURSELF! Challenge yourself and earn your own self-respect and self-love. Let's face it, if we can't impress ourselves, than what's the point in trying to impress anyone else? Let me know how it goes! :)

#1. Do something that makes you uncomfortable. I love to live in the "uncomfort zone". Why? Because that's how we discover our strengths, through our weaknesses. This can be as simple as something I did for the first time. I was always uncomfortable eating out alone. So I went out of my comfort zone, and I went to a restaurant by myself. No, I did not bring a book, nor did I look at my phone. I simply enjoyed my environment and took in the people, sites and sounds around me. THAT was a HUGE thing for me.

#2. Next time you're in the grocery store, let someone behind you go ahead of you. You probably already do this from time to time, but try doing it when you are stressed. You will have lessened your stress by lessening that of someone else, thereby feeling a bit in control of your stress! It can't Get YOU!

#3. Get in touch with a person from your past.

#4. Play Hooky (it's free if you have some sick days due you!) and play as if you were a child. Go to the park and get on the swings, I do this often, and it is a very freeing experience! Or get a lollipop and watch cartoons! This is YOUR hooky day, do what you want to feel like a child again.

#5 Meditate. Now, I know, you may be thinking "Oh, Judi I can't sit still or even begin to fathom how one meditates. I have a simple answer to that: if I can do it, ANYONE can! Trust me, just ask anyone who knows me. So below is one of thousands of easy beginner meditation videos from Youtube. I like this one, try it out!

Are ya with me still? Keep going, you can do this!

#6 Write a poem. Pretend You are Robert Frost or Shel Silverstein.

#7 Along those lines, try what's called stream-conscientious writing, this is great to do right after meditation. You may be surprised and end up with the next great American Novel!

#8 Write a letter to your future self. I mean pen to paper (or pencil) not a computer!

#9 Read a book you normally wouldn't read (see #1, being in the uncomortable zone)

#10 Write a Thank You card to someone who changed your life. Tell them what they did and how they impacted your life, and snail mail it.

#11 Air guitar to the next song you hear on KLOU. You can "air" other instruments too.

#12 Take a walk, make sure you have KLOU on (get the App if you don't have it). Think of a memory or a moment in your life that a song you hear reminds you of and get a little melancholy, it's good for the soul.

#13 Go to the airport and surreptitiously people watch. Make up stories in your mind about the "hellos" and "goodbyes". Watch the airplanes take off and land. Take in some original artwork that the airport art committee has installed.

#14 Think about a person who you do not like or you don't get along with. This may be tough, but it can be done and I urge you to try. Find something, anything, about this person that is a positive. Maybe it's the way they always put their outfits together. Or perhaps you've seen this person smile or laugh at something (maybe you didn't find it funny), but think on how they looked when they were smiling or laughing.

#15 Say you are sorry and mean it. I have not yet met a person whom if asked the question "is there someone you really should apologize too for something you did or said"? You can deny, deny, deny...but I'll be there is someone. Maybe you believe they don't deserve an apology, and perhaps you are right. Do it anyway. This is about YOU and chasing the "humble" in this journey we call life.

You are almost done, 5 more to go! You CAN do this!

#16 Google "Best Quotes" and pick out 20 quotes that 'speak' to you and print them out. In fact, print out a few pages of those quotes and cut them into strips of paper that you can slip in at your co-workers desk.

#17 If you have a significant other, write them a love letter. If you do not, write a love letter to yourself.

#18 Put on your most comfy jammies and blast KLOU as loud as your neighbors allow and simply DANCE! Go crazy here! Pretend you are Madonna in any of her stages, shake your butt like George Michael did back in the day.

#19 Go through your clothes and donate anything you've not worn in the last year. No second thoughts, just do it.

and finally the last one is the easiest one of all!

#20 Look in the mirror and tell your true soul mate staring back at you "Dang, you are amazing! Thank you for always being there and never giving up on us!" Then give yourself a big hug because you are a very valuable and beautiful soul!

  • Nameste! - Judi