A Heart Hunter Who Has The Knack For Finding Love Matches

"I've always had a natural knack for connecting people"

Meredith Goette (pronounced Getty) has a gift for putting people together. Whether it's a love match or business. So Judi has decided to enlist her help in finding her the perfect (or sorta perfect) man for her and offer tips and dating advice for our listeners too.We'll also get a chance to follow Meredith's own life story, as Judi is convinced she should think about taking a leap of faith and going full-time with her dating counseling services! Will she have a new career? First she needs to help Judi find someone to love. ;)

"Isolation is no vacation, I'm ready for love"

Isolation has been no staycation for Judi, so she's enlisted the help of her friend Meredith. Meredith is amazing at creating love connections and Judi believes it's Meredith's Calling since she's successfully made so many love matches! In fact, Judi met Meredith on her Nickolodeon Docu-series MFF: Mom Friends Forever, and Meredith helped Judi in Episode # find a man she actually ended up together for three years! So, although that relationship didn't work, it was a great match and so Judi's ready to try again and in the process, perhaps help her friend find a new business venture! Ya never know!