Reese Witherspoon Reacts to Journalist's 'Legally Blonde' Dissertation

You know what they say: don't meet your heroes. Why? Because there's a chance they might disappoint you. That was absolutely not the case when a British journalist named Lucy Ford met Reese Witherspoon during a press junket for A Wrinkle In Time. While studying journalism in college - or university as they say across the pond - Ford wrote a 15,000 word dissertation on Legally Blonde titled "Dumb Blonde Ambition: Legally Blonde, Post-feminism, and the Reimagination of the 'Strong Female Character.'" When she found out she'd be interviewing the subject of her dissertation, Ford decided to show Witherspoon her work. The actress behind Elle Woods had the sweetest reaction. 

"Reese, I actually wrote 15,000 words on you once," Ford said as she kicked off her interview with Witherspoon and her Wrinkle co-stars Mindy Kaling and Oprah Winfrey. Ford then proceeded to hand Witherspoon a copy of her paper, which impressed all three interviewees. You know you've done something awesome when Oprah is impressed. 

Clearly moved by the gesture, Witherspoon thanked Ford and revealed "that really touches my heart. That means a lot to me." Never one to miss anything, Witherspoon noticed that the dissertation was scented. This might seem odd to anybody unfamiliar with Legally Blonde, but it's a touching ode to Witherspoon's character. 


The moving interview clip went viral after Ford tweeted about her interaction with Witherspoon. It wasn't only Ford's earnest delight in meeting and presenting Witherspoon with her work that resonated with people. Witherspoon's genuinely kind reaction to the paper moved fans, as well. It shows how down-to-Earth the A lister really is. Many people took to Twitter to share how much they loved the sweet interaction between Ford and Witherspoon. 


What makes this interaction even lovelier is Ford's well documented passion for Legally Blonde. This wasn't just some stunt she pulled in an interview - she really is devoted to the film and has never shied away from talking about it. She wrote a piece for Buzzfeed titled "The Definitive Ranking Of Every Outfit Worn By Elle Woods In Legally Blonde" and even chatted up Harry Styles about the film. Ford showed up to her interview with Styles rocking a Legally Blonde sweatshirt, which Styles instantly pointed out. He even called it the second best movie of all time - only after Dunkirk, of course.


Ford's sweet moment with Witherspoon is proof that dreams really do come true. She also got to hang out with Harry Styles, so, I'm officially jealous. 

Amy Lynn


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