Wait!  There's not 24 episodes this time. There's 13 (an unlucky number).  How are they going to resolve this new season of "24."  How can you call it "24" when it's 13 hours. 

Here's what Fox plans.  The last hour, next Monday, will be time compressed.  They're going to cover 11 hours in one.  It'll have a different feel.  I think they're experimenting here.  Up until now it's been one for one for 24 hours.  If there were going to do a "24" movie they'd have to compress 24 hours into 2. 

So, depending on how it goes, they could be setting up for a "24" movie version.

What are they going to do in the last 11 hours?  They're tightlipped.  Cast members were getting the final script missing 10 pages.