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One AC/DC insider doesn't expect guitarist Malcolm Young to be rejoining the band anytime soon. 

Biographer Jesse Fink tells Ultimate Classic Rock he's honoring rocker's wish for privacy, and won't divulge any details he has regarding Young's health.  But he says some fans seem have the mistaken impression that Malcolm's illness is "just going to quickly go away and he's going to be there on stage when they announce their tour." 

The author admits he could be wrong, but says based on information he's "heard from numerous sources" this simply isn't true.  He explains that it's much more likely Malcolm's nephew, Stevie Young, will be AC/DC's touring guitarist. 

AC/DC recently recorded a new album with Stevie.  The group's upcoming release is their follow up to 2008's Black Ice. The band is expected to tour in support of the disc. 

Fink penned the new book The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AD/DC. His book, which focuses on Malcolm and his brothers Angus and George, arrived in stores this week. 

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