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Bon Jovi continues to have star power.  The New Jersey band is the highest ranking rock act on the latest Forbes Celebrity 100 list, coming in at number 13.  The rundown reflects celebrities' power and influence based on media exposure, marketability, and career earnings over the past 12 months. 

Bon Jovi earned most of their $82 million dollars through touring.  Frontman Jon Bon Jovi also received attention recently for his charitable efforts through his Soul Foundation.  But the group has slipped from last year.  In 2013 Bon Jovi was in the top ten, taking seventh place. 

Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, and Paul McCartney are on the list as well.  Springsteen, who made $81 million dollars, is returning at number 25.  He was last on the Celebrity 100 in 2010, coming in at number 17. 

The Eagles made more money than Bruce, but follow him at number 26.  With earnings of $100 million dollars, the band ranks fourth based solely on income.  They're only surpassed by list leader Beyonce, Dr Dre, and Floyd Mayweather. 

McCartney, who made $71 million dollars, last appeared on the list in 2012 in the number 21 spot.  The former Beatle is still in the top 30, but this time around he's at number 29.

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